Photo: Leah Fasten

Thanks so much featureshoot!

This weekend I went to my first tupperware party hosted by one of my favorite drag queens, Ms. Sally Bowls. 

This campaign is all over the East Bay here in the Bay Area. It looks so good. We spent a day on location photographing 8 models with the intention of creating different pairs of images to signify two hospitals coming together. It was such a fun shoot. See more images  from the shoot here. 

I love making these images of lovers in the park. An updated edit is here. 

Here are a few images from the summer.

Another fantastic tear sheet arrived from Technology Review. For the TR35 we photographed CEO Miles Barr and his invisible solar technology.

Miles Barr just moved to the bay area from Cambridge MA. His company is currently building out a new office and lab. We spent a bit of time photographing around his office park and at a park nearby. 

Technology Review really likes to show some of the technology in the photograph. We had so much fun playing with Barr’s reflection in the solar technology.

Elyse Leyenberger assisted.

Here’s a super nice tear sheet from this month’s WPI Journal. Thanks @timothysean for the assist. (at LF Photo World Headquarters. Parkside.)

On this trip to NY my son wanted to goto the top of the Empire State Building. So we did that. And I wanted to take him to Katz’s. So we did that too. (My great grandpa started Katz’s and I spent tons of time there as a kid hanging around with my grandpa.)

We spent the morning at the Palo Alto Research Center for Technology Review. The images are in this month’s issue. We were documenting the story of tiny particles that are then printed on paper to make circuits.  Tim assisted. 

I’m in Massachusetts for a bit. Here are a few images from the beach earlier this week. 

Shestock is female-centric images created exclusively by professional women photographers. I am beside myself to be included. Please license your next image here.

Here’s a snapshot from today on a walk back to my parent’s house from downtown Northampton.


Leah Fasten

San Francisco-based advertising and editorial portrait, lifestyle, education and healthcare photographer Leah Fasten shot the new 2014 Back to School Campaign for Staples that will be coming out this month. (Continue Reading)

Aw… Thanks guys!

Maya and I spent the afternoon at Dolores Park on Sunday photographing lovers. I’m really excited to see the project come along. See more here. 

Amit Etkin, MD, PhD Photographed for Technology Review. Tim assisted.