Maya and I spent the afternoon at Dolores Park on Sunday photographing lovers. I’m really excited to see the project come along. See more here. 

Amit Etkin, MD, PhD Photographed for Technology Review. Tim assisted. 

In collaborations with Pace Communications, we spent the morning at Walmart Labs with the team that tracks people’s behavior purchasing different brands on the Walmart website. Tim assisted. 

I played with my Ipad and the VSCO app yesterday at M’s birthday party.

Me in Phoenix In 1999. #TBT (at my past)

This was fun. We spent two days on location creating a library of images for a Staples’ Back-To-School campaign. The campaign launches this week at Staples’ stores. See more here

The crew on this shoot was particularly amazing. Timothy O’ConnellJared KuziaMax GordonStephen SperanzaEvan Crothers and Heidi Wells

Here are two images from the fair today. 

I’ve shot four weddings. This is a favorite photo from one.

Thirteen years ago I spent my first summer back in New England after living in Arizona. I also bought a Mamiya 7. Here’s a picture from that summer. #TBT

Park life.

These are some photos from dinner the other night.

From the park yesterday…

New work for Billboard. Amy Harrity assisted.